Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why in the world would she ask that?!?!?

Yesterday on facebook, I asked the question, "Has anyone else noticed the limitations being married puts on who you can be friends with". The responses that I got were mixed, but not really surprising. "ummmm no?" "ohhh ya!" "That's just how it goes..." "It does? Who want's to be friends with who?" and "Yep! But if you are married to your best friend it doesn't matter, right?". All of these responses were from women. So to the two who haven't noticed, I ask, have you made friends with any men since you have been married? Not a man and his wife or girlfriend, not a man your husband works with or introduced you too, I am talking about a man you have met in your day to day life. Do you talk often outside of the place that the two of you have in common? 
How do your husbands feel about this friendship?
I am not saying that I am ignorant as to why this is. I know that if Cory started talking to a woman all of the time, I would have some insecurities about that. My question is why are we built that way? Why is jealousy our first reaction to a friendship with someone of the opposite sex? I am curious if it works the same way for gay people. Is it considered taboo for them to make friends with another homosexual of the same sex?

Stay tuned. this is an ongoing though/wonderment so chances are there will be more blogging about it. But I have done that thing where I think myself in circles and nothing makes sense anymore. 

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