Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The 3am brain scramble.

Have you ever woken up on the middle of the night, and your brain just takes off running? That was me last night at 3. Cory had to leave for work early, and that is what time the poor guy what to get up. And this is how the next 2 hours went for me.

Ick 3am. Poor Cory
Bed's all mine

mmm back to sleep
. . .feel like I'm living a teenage dream.
I hope Riley doesn't wake up when Cory leaves,
Should I turn on the light and read?
No, only 3 hours left.
man its a good book.
DJ got us falling in love.
Riley will learn to read soon.
alphabets confusing
is there anything K can do that C can't?
Don't think so.
Maybe I should just get up.
seriously? its only 330
but I have been getting up early lately
not this early
try to focus on one thing
man my brain draws good
why don't my hands draw that good
wish I could draw
Cuz it goes on and on and on. and it goes on and on and on.
D-E-A-R, D-E-E-R, B-E-A-R. man that has to be hard to explain to a kid.  if d-e-a-r and d-e-e-r are pronounced the same why isn't b-e-a-r pronounced beer. or d-e-a-r pronounced dare.
man brain, shut up.
420 man! fall asleep would you.
maybe I should read just to clear my head.
no. I would end up staying awake.
Back to the horse.
neck head shoulder.
impressed with the detail
just the horse.

did I sleep?
I think so
well I guess I'll get up.
at least it'll be quiet for a while                                                                                          

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