Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I am trying to not blush at the thought of how neglectful of my poor blog I have been over the last couple of . . . months. . . but what can I do about it now. Write about whats been going on. . .thats what. So lets see October came and went in a hurry. We meant to adopt one kitten but fell in love with two. They are brothers and pretty much a riot. Indy (see left) is curious and full of adventure and loves me best and Fritz (see right) is a bit of a spaz and loves to sit in Cory's lap while he plays his video games. Halloween came and went with as much excitement as a three year old who doesn't really get it can muster. He was Mickey Mouse and he thought that was really cool but after about 10 minutes he was done with the ears and I was holding his bag and trying to stop him from going into every house we went to.

Then of course came November and election day. I never thought it would happen but I didn't vote. I have always voted in presidential elections (well all 2 times I was old enough too) and I have always wondered why other people didn't well I didn't know who to vote for. I liked Obama for alot of the things he said about the economy and I liked McCain for his views on homeland security. So I was confused and decided not to vote. I wasn't surprised that Obama won and I am kinda glad but poor Cory really didn't think McCain would get beat so badly.

Sisser (a.k.a.) Katlyn had three teeth pop in in four days just in time for thanksgiving, (look close and you can see her bottom two teeth in this pic) and thank goodness she didn't get grumpy at all her fourth tooth came in two days after thanksgiving and now with all four front teeth it is seriously time to start thinking about weening her off the breast lol.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. We went to our friends Casey and Josh's house and they made a yummy spread turkey and stuffing and sweet taters to name a few. Riley had a lot of fun playing with Aiden and Brendan and stealing rolls off the table and poking his finger into the middle before dinner was even ready.

The next day I lost my virginity. Thats right I had never done black Friday before and my good friend Casey was a trooper and went out with me at 5am. It was fun to go out just me and her and not have any kids. It was also fun to get so much Christmas shopping done for so cheap :) I plan on going again next year but I think I will skip Wal-mart.

Saturday we went and got our tree. I have had a fake tree since I was a teenager and because I am my mothers daughter I am nervous about having a real tree, but as a result of 3 garage floods over the last couple of years we had to get rid of the artificial tree I have had since I moved out of my moms house (darn mold). So we went and cut down our own and it was really fun. Riley chased after Brendan and Aiden (yes Casey was there again, {she's my buddy}) and we got a really beautiful tree. Oh yeah I almost forgot we found out that Josh is the incredible hulk that day too :)

And finally it is December. It took four days but we finally got the tree decorated today. I had to go and get LED light for it first because it makes me worry less about fire but after that we had a green light (as well as red yellow and blue). Riley had a lot of fun decorating the tree and every time Cory unwrapped an ornament Riley would run back from hanging up his last ornament and say "want dis one too" That boy can make my smile almost as easily as he make me scream. I tell ya there is nothing closer to being bipolar than raising a toddler

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