Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Come on people...Who's the real bad guy here

 Please check out this article first, and then read on friends
eighty-one-year-old catholic preist and nun abused after weapons protest

I don't even know where to start with this.The article is a couple of months old, and I did read it back when it was still news, but it is a story that won't leave my head because it bothers me so much . For the people reading this blog who don't actually know me (of there are any). This is the base where Cory is stationed, and before we bought our house, was where we lived. These people who broke in to the base, broke in to the super duper top secret area, that even I as a wife am not allowed to go, unless it is to pick up or drop off Cory at the boat, and when I do go down there, it is a no lolly gagging or meandering situation. Straight to the boat and straight back off the premises. There are mp's on the road that will stop you if you look like you are taking a tour and they will escort you back up if they think you shouldn't be there.

The thing that bothers me the most is that the people who wrote this story, spun it to make the military look bad. Yes, they were old and yes they were a priest and a nun, but they broke into a top secret facility, where deadly force is authorized. They are lucky they weren't shot... and should be great-full for that. It seems to me that breaking onto a military base is an act of terrorism That is just my opinion of course. These people were charged with misdemeanors and then released.

Yes the ground probably was cold and wet. That is Washington in November...cold and wet, and yes they sat there for 4 hours with bags on their heads. But if the mp's don't know who you are or what your intentions are they can't just let you go. these people wouldn't give any information but their names. That really isn't conducive to speeding up their release. They had bags on their heads because they were in a top secret area, with the possibility of seeing things that shouldn't be seen, not because the were about to executed by a terrorist.

There are other things I could say about their reasoning for doing what they did, but that isn't what this is about. I hate it when the military is put into a bad light, and not just because I am married to a military man. These people defend us and protect us. They leave their homes and family's to go over seas to fight a war that can't be won. They patrol our waters to keep us safe at home. And some make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I understand that there are people who don't agree with the war. I am one of them. but I support our troops. They aren't the ones starting the wars. They act under orders from people who sit in offices. I don't understand the people who don't support our troops, but I know that in this country, people are lucky enough to be able to voice their opinions and the Naval base doesn't try to stop the picketers outside of the gates. If these people had done that they could have gotten their point across, without ever having laid on the wet ground with bags on their heads and they probably wouldn't have that pesky criminal record to boot.   

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